About Kevin

I have been a photographer, working primarily in landscapes, for many years. My professional photography started with weddings and family portraits, which I also thoroughly enjoy. Interaction with the people in front of the camera and getting a genuine smile is what really drives me. Seeing how happy the people are with their images fills my heart.

I learned about a Headshot Photographer from New York named Peter Hurley. I enrolled in his master classes and realized Professional Headshots were something I HAD to do. The interaction, helping create that Confidence and Approachability out of the client, getting them to show a side of themselves perhaps they didn’t even know was within them – now THAT was something I could do. So I started my adventure to become the best headshot photographer I could be. 

My goal when a client steps into my studio is to set them at ease, earn their trust, and create images with them that they can be completely awestruck by. I have many clients who think they are just coming in for a few snapshots; by the time we are done, they realize just what a big deal a Professional Headshot is for their image. 

I can’t wait to meet you and to help create your very own First Class Headshot!


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Take advantage of your headshot now

A headshot is a five year investment in your success. It should be online doing work for you! Creating powerful first impressions, helping get you interviews, meetings, clients, and connections. Make your headshot work for you and book a session today.

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