What impression are you making?

Having a great headshot is like having an unfair advantage, because your headshot makes thousands of first impressions on your behalf. Let it tell your story and help drive your success. Schedule a session with Wisconsin’s premier headshot photographer and make the right first impression.

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I'm here to help

It’s not your fault if you can’t get your headshot right… it’s the photographer. 

In the studio, you only have one job – to think about your professional brand, your success, that new promotion or your five year plan. My job is to make you look like the professional that you know you are. The right lighting, angles, and truly caring about capturing the shot that makes you stand out from the crowd.

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Will it work?

We all know the value of a good first impression. And in the professional world these days, that first impression almost always comes through a photo. From resumes, to social media, to LinkedIn. Is your headshot screaming to the world that you are professional? Valuable? Driven?

Let your photo do the work for you and represent your quality and character, everywhere, 24/7.

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First time getting professional headshots

“This was my first time getting professional head shots taken!! Kevin was fun to work with, and he made me feel comfortable with his cues and directions! I HIGHLY recommend him!!!”

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The photos were great!

“The photos were great! The actual shoot was efficient, on time, and Kevin did a great job putting me at ease and keeping me engaged in the photography process.”

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Highlighting your best attributes

“Kevin does such a great job with connecting with you and then highlighting your best attributes for his headshots. He is a lot of fun to “work” with and I put that in quotes because the good times you are having won’t feel like work at all which makes the time fly. Afterwards you have incredible photos you really want to share!”

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The pictures turned out amazing!

“This was the first time I have ever had head shots taken and it was an awesome experience! Kevin gave me great direction and the pictures turned out amazing!”

Professional Headshots

Your professional headshot is your first statement about who you are to prospective employers. What does it say about you – in about 3 seconds? That’s about how long you get to make that first impression. Whether your headshot is on your resume, FaceBook, or LinkedIn profile, the employers, recruiters, and clients that you want are looking. 

My philosophy is straight forward: your headshot should stand out from the crowd. It should scream to employers and fellow colleagues that you are professional and should be taken seriously. 

Corporate Team Headshots

When people are evaluating your business they spend as much time looking at the profiles of your executives and board as they do the general information about your business. This is because people care about who they are working with even more than the company history. What does the “our team” page of your business say to potential employees, customers, and business partners?

Scheduling a session with Kevin will allow your company to not only get high quality headshot for your executives, but these headshots will come in a standard, uniform, or company-branded package. These won’t be “any old headshots” or a photo each of your leadership team takes on their own – they will be headshots created for your business and your business alone.


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Take advantage of your headshot now

A headshot is a five year investment in your success. It should be online doing work for you! Creating powerful first impressions, helping get you interviews, meetings, clients, and connections. Make your headshot work for you and book a session today.

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